Weekly Blogs: October 6th

a.       What was the most significant thing you learned in class this week?

The biggest topic of thought for he this week inspired by class has been the role of technology, so to speak.  I had thought of things like texting and facebook as distractions, but now I am reconsidering that view.  While I still think they can be distracting, I think there may be some interesting and useful applications.  I have also been thinking about technology, boundaries, and relationships.  For example, I have a facebook page that I started mainly to keep in touch with family and friends scattered all over the country.  At some point I wound up having “friends” that were really perfect strangers.  It seems like because of the buffer that digital distance provides, it’s easy to forget about these sorts of “relationships.”  If these strangers were actually hanging out in my house all the time, I am sure I’d either actually get to know them, or ask them to leave.  It seems like things like twitter and facebook enable people to exist in a kind of non-relationship limbo: in our lives but not really part of them.

b.      What questions do you have and what do you want to learn more about?

I am really curious about the idea that young people’s brains might actually be different because of their having grown up with different technologies than I may have.  If this is the case, then it seems like it would have major implications for the way school ought to be structured.

c.       What applications do you see to classroom practice based on what you learned?

I could see using a blog or wiki for submitting student projects online, and allowing other students to view and comment on that work.  I am not sure about Twitter yet – perhaps a tool for class chit-chat to maintain quiet study time?  I need to think more about this.


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