Twitter – the second 24 hours

Although the twitter assignment ended yesterday, I decided to continue using it, at least for the next week.  What I’ve found so far is that I have trouble keeping up with posts.  By that I mean that I feel like I need to read or at least skim every tweet that comes my way.  I think if I don’t, I might be missing something important or interesting.  Because twitter doesn’t organize tweets in any sort of threaded manner, I also find that it can sometimes be difficult to understand what someone is talking about without having to do an inconvenient amount of clicking and searching.  I think I need to work out a new way to approach the software, because right now it seems like a nuisance compared to other options.

What I do like about twitter is that it seems like it could be a good way of easily sharing web-based content with other people.  The favorite option makes it easy to mark a tweet to revisit later.

I also agree with Carrie’s comment that twitter might be a better way to get to know one’s fellow students than the traditional ’round-the-room approach.  Because the content is unstructured, people can choose to share or not as they see fit, and respond more or less quickly to one another.  Conversation can take place, rather than the unidirectional I-tell-you-something-about-me-and-you-forget-about-it when-the-next-guy-stands-up approach.


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