Tech Encounters – Oct 10th

I spent much of the day helping a family I know clean their house.  They have been through some rough times lately.  A group of people who know the family (including myself) decided to work together to help them get a kind of fresh start by doing a quick-and-dirty home remodel.  The main technologies I encountered were powerful cleaners and paint.  It’s pretty amazing how doing something as simple as really cleaning a bathroom or giving a bedroom a new coat of paint can change the atmosphere in a place.  The work is not yet completed, and yet the process seems to be lifting spirits already.  Part of this is probably from feeling good about helping someone else, but some of it is from the change itself.  We’re lightening the colors, organizing the mess.  What was dark and chaotic will be light and peaceful.

This family has two children, both of whom are struggling with the difficult times their family has been through in different ways.  The older child, a freshman in high school, is having trouble focusing enough to do his schoolwork and so is beginning to fail classes.  I am hoping that providing him and his family with a safe, clean, peaceful physical environment at home will help ease some of his psychological stress and make focusing at school easier.  I will be curious to see if it actually works.


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