Tech Encounters – Oct 14th

For my last tech encounter blog post I want to take a step back.  Looking over my week’s posts, I would say that my feeling toward technology in general is somewhat ambivalent.  Some technologies (like Google Docs) I find very useful.  Although I have both a cell phone and a car, I am not so sure that they make my life (or the lives of others) better.  I find myself getting really excited about things like Fathom, that enable one to creatively engage information.  I am less interested in twitter, which I like so far but could easily live without.

What’s important to me isn’t so much the technology itself, but how it is and can be employed.  I often find cars and cell phones annoying because they have as many negatives as pluses in my life.  This isn’t a problem with cars and cell phones, but a problem with my relationship to them.  We have talked in class about we as teachers needing to model appropriate use of technology to our students.  After a week of thinking about the role of various technologies in my life, I am realizing that my own use may not be appropriate for my values, and that it may be a good idea for me to spend some more time thinking about how I use the technologies I have access to.  And that, too poses a challenge: How do we decide what is appropriate use?  It is perfectly alright for my brother to get online with his Blackberry and do work while camping.  It’s not ok for me to do that.  How do we decide which of these to model to our students?

A lot of this makes me pretty nervous.  I know that a high school classroom is a highly fluid environment, where a teacher really has to be on her toes in order to be sure she’s doing the best the can to reach as many students as possible.  Having to model appropriate social behavior, monitor emotional well-being, and keep the attention of 30 hormone-infested teens is a lot for any person.  Having to throw in managing all sorts of new technology seems like it could wind up making the job even harder, given how little technology has actually made my life easier thus far.  Although that is it’s promise, it does not always live up to it.  I know it’s early in the program.  I should probably not start panicking yet.  But if I am honest, I have to say that I am really beginning to be anxious as to whether or not I’ll be up for all of this.  It just seems so… complicated.


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  1. Robin said,

    October 26, 2009 at 9:51 pm

    This blog post made my day. The fact that you think it seems complicated means you are TOTALLY qualified for this. Because it IS complicated. And wonderful and challenging, etc. Dealing with human beings is the hardest, yet most rewarding thing you will ever do.

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