Weekly Blogs: Oct 13th

(Yes I know this is late.  Sorry!)

a.       What was the most significant thing you learned in class this week?

There were really two significant things.  First, although many of my classmates live in a large metropolitan area, they seem to be in some ways more parochial in their views than people I’ve met who live in much more rural areas.  It as if living in a place that can provide everything you need in one spot discourages people from exploring much of the rest of the world.  For some reason I haven’t yet identified, this really bothers me.  Second, I’ve never used Geometer’s Sketchpad or something like that, so working with Fathom was a bit of a mind-blowing experience.  Obviously there are some very powerful tools I need to become more aware of.  Being able to so easily manipulate data seems like it would enable a whole set of higher order questions that would be difficult to ask a class without such a tool.

b.      What questions do you have and what do you want to learn more about?

I want to learn more about programs like Fathom.  I think I also need to explore this view I am developing about “city kids.”  In relation to our food supply I have often read about people being so disconnected from the source of our food that they don’t realize chicken comes from actual chickens or that beef comes from cows.  I find myself wondering if the same phenomenon is at work here.  If it is, I am not sure if it’s a bad thing, but I have the feeling it might be.

c.       What applications do you see to classroom practice based on what you learned?

As I mentioned above, I could definitely see using programs like Fathom.


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