Long days

Every Tuesday I have a Long Day.  I arrive at school around 6am.  Classes end around 2pm.  I have a planning meeting from 2pm to 3 or so, and then go to my other school (UWB) for a class from 4pm to 7pm.  Some weeks, by the time I get to my night class my brain has slowed down so much from trying to process the day that just paying attention to three hours of discussion seems like a real accomplishment.

I am not complaining, though.  Not really.  I feel like I am always exposed to something in those classes that’s of real value to me.  I just wish that 1) I had more time to really process what I’m experiencing, and 2) I had more opportunity to do that processing in the company of others.  It would be really fantastic if our seminar, for example, contained a debriefing session each time we met, so that we had a chance to compare notes and get support on issues we might be struggling with, and that our cooperating teachers may also not know how to solve (yes, this happens; teachers are not omniscient).  Nothing’s ever perfect, though, so I am doing the best I can with what I’ve got.


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