Solid math

I had a bit of an aha… hahahaha moment today while grading tests.  The last part of a multi-part question asked, “How can you be sure the rule you found for the pattern is correct?”  One student’s response:

Because it is math… Math is solid.  I know what I’m doing as well.

That’s right, folks.  Math is solid.  It’s not one of those squishy subjects like English.  When you know a thing in math, you can be sure of yourself.  Although I am pretty sure this particular student didn’t lack confidence to begin with.  He knows what he’s doing, after all.

Aside from the chuckle I got grading this test, this incident stands out as an example of just how much personality each of my students has.  There are so many fascinating students in this school… it’s amazing.  I wish I had the time to really get to know every single one of them.  We have football-playing violinists.  A young man with the most perfect penmanship I’ve ever seen.  A young woman, quiet as a mouse, whose whole personality seems to be trying to escape through her hand, rendering her handwriting illegible.  A cancer survivor.  Another who mourns the recent death of her friend.  Yet another who, as a junior, is finally realizing that this graduating thing is really important, and has finally decided to pass algebra.  These people are really awesome.  I hope they stay that way.


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