Geometric Thinking; January 3rd

What did you learn?

There were a couple of things.  From class, I hadn’t really thought about geometry as being about relationships, but that makes some sense to me.  I have often thought a lot about the reasoning that’s taught as part of geometry.  I think that without relationships, it would be difficult to make the connections necessary to reason from one idea to another.

Rereading Never Say Anything… was really, really helpful to me.  I’ve been leading more whole-class discussions, and spend a lot of time talking to students in small-group discussions.  I feel like I’ve been slipping a little in my practice, and so reading again about how to ask good questions has given me some good ideas of what to work on.

What questions do you still have?

Right now one of my biggest questions is about how I can start helping my algebra students get ready for success in geometry, and how I can also help them get excited about the things they’ll get to learn there.

How can it apply to classroom practice?

As I said above, the big thing I can do right now is to make some improvements in how I question my students, and how I respond to their questions as well.


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