Geometric Thinking; February 14th

What did you learn?

I got one of my earlier questions answered, which was how to tie algebra and geometry together better.  Unfortunately, the state standards now exclude matrices, so our school, for example, doesn’t teach them any more.  I also didn’t learn matrices in high school.  I learned a little about them in college, but not much.  Every time I learn a little more, I find myself thinking a couple of things:

  • Matrices seem really powerful and amazing
  • why would the people who write the state standards think they were not worth learning?

What questions do you still have?

  • Who writes the state standards?  Why do they make the decisions they do?
  • Are there any good books that cover this?  Was that Modern Geometry book good?

How can it apply to classroom practice?

I am not sure yet, I need to think about this more.


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