Geometric Thinking; March 7th

It was interesting to go back and reread my blogs.  In my first post, I talked a little bit about how I had not really considered the idea that geometry was about relationships.  Although I never really mentioned this again, I think in almost every subsequent post I talk about something related to geometry: art, technology, algebra, language, etc. In our last class, we also talked about how for most people, geometry was not a positive experience.  One of my classmates said the only thing he remembered were endless months of proofs, and that he hated it.  My own high school used integrated curriculum, so I have no memories of “boy, algebra really sucked,” or “Geometry was lame,” or “Trig was the hardest thing ever.”  I just took a math class (one, two, and three).

What is really getting me is that as far as I understand it, geometry is the branch of mathematics most closely related to something people should enjoy: beauty.  If anything, geometry should be everyone’s favorite class.  That it’s not tells me we’re doing something wrong.  I want to fix that.  At least for my own students.


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